Kalhoty Memel Stehmann

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1 990 Kč –75 % 499 Kč
Kategorie: Kalhoty
Kalhoty Memel Stehmann
1 990 Kč –75 %

Originální a pohodlné kalhoty se vzorem, zdobené lampasovým pruhem po stranách, v pase na gumu.

Velikosti: originální velikost výrobce / naše velikost uvedená v eshopu

Materiál: 48% bavlna, 40% polyamid, 12% elastan

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MK Avatar autora Question 13.6.2022 22:04
Dear Sirs, I am interested in ordering one pair of trousers by Stehmann from your shop. But the problem is that I live in Poland. Do you ship abroad? Will it be possible to send them to Poland? Thank u Martyna Kazubek
A Avatar autora Question 14.6.2022 23:23
Good day, yes, we can send to Poland. Send me an email with an order to Submit a link to the pants you have chosen. Size and exact address where you want to send the goods. I'll find out the price of transport. We will send an invoice for the bank transfer. As soon as the payment arrives, we will send the trousers immediately. Thank you and have a nice day, Martina